[2015-10-29] Vis paper presented

Our VIS 2015 paper was presented; the slides are available. The new examples page at github documents how to build Diderot, and includes a growing number of heavily commented example programs.

[2015-07-15] Vis paper

Our paper Diderot: a Domain-Specific Language for Portably Parallel Scientific Visualization and Image Analysis was accepted for presentation at IEEE VIS 2015.

[2015-01-10] CPC paper

Presented the paper Bulk-Synchronous Communication Mechanisms in Diderot at the CPC 2015 workshop.

[2012-01-31] PLDI paper

Our paper Diderot: A Parallel DSL for Image Analysis and Visualization was accepted for presentation at PLDI '12.

[2011-09-19] Best poster award

Our poster Diderot: A Parallel DSL for Computing on Multi-Dimensional Tensor Fields won Best VIS Poster at VisWeek 2011.


Diderot is a Parallel Domain-specific Language (PDSL) for image analysis and visualization. It is designed to support a class of algorithms that are programmed in terms of continuous scalar, vector, and tensor fields that are reconstructed from the image data. Diderot provides a high-level mathematical programming model for these algorithms, while also providing high-performance implementations on a variety of parallel hardware platforms.



We thank NVIDIA for financial support and hardware donations, and AMD for hardware donations. Portions of this research were supported by National Science Foundation award CCF-1446412.